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Discover Your Europe - Fall in Love with the Interrail Adventure

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Designed specifically for awesome Global Interral and Eurail RailPass - Discover and Plan your Route in an Instant

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Explore the whole European railway network with Icon illustrated RailPass InfoRailMap

Brand new 2019 edition of RailPass InfoRailMap

What can you expect in latest Edition?

Discover and Plan your Route in an Instant

Planning an Interrail/Eurail is always a difficult choice and compromise with an infinite number of possible routes and fabulous locations to visit.
RailPass InfoRailMap clearly identifies the essential railway routes, awesome scenic routes and indicate all major UNESCO listed sites, significant religious buildings, castles, fortifications and attractive old world Medieval towns so you know instantly where you focus your time and which routes best suit your interests. RailPass InfoRailMap Icons make locating the top destinations easy

What else can you expect?

Discover the world's most famous and awesome railway routes throughout the whole continent of Europe from Finland to Portugal .. and from Scotland to Greece and everywhere in between ..

RailPass InfoRailMap enables you to explore, learn and discover

Includes super detailed RailPass InfoRailMap for Switzerland, French Alpine routes, majestic and dedicated northern Italy connections, German alpine routes, northern Slovenia and the whole of Austria providing instant and clear identification of the most impressive scenic routes so you know exactly how to make the very most of your RailPass and enjoy exploring the stunning landscape

Learn more about all the most awesome locations and most scenic routes on the network

Discover the stunning UNESCO Bernina Express in Switzerland
What else to expect?

!! Buyer be aware !!

RailPass RailMap 2019 has been specifically designed with the Global RailPass holder in mind.


INSTEAD ... RailPass RailMap is about enabling easy and quick reference and navigation around the entire European railway network in an easy to locate tourist destinations, easy to identify train types, easy to pack away format and full colour A4 durable quality paper plus long lasting laminated gloss cover.
The large A4 paperback format enables large spreads which have the look and feel of a folded map.

Brand New Feature for 2019

A-Z detailing all the capital cities and top tourist rich locations

Purchase includes complimentary PDF downloads for the whole of Europe, Regions and Individual Countries

RailPass RailMap - Learn about all the top locations to visit and how to get there ..

Learn More About European Night Train Network

RailPass InfoRailMap includes Route Maps and Schedule Info ..

Learn More About Discovering Switzerland with a Limited Number of Travel Days ..

Get Super excited about plotting and planning your awesome RailPass Adventure

RailPass InfoRailMap Europe 2019

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