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InfoRailMap is a huge resource and provides endless info on getting the best from your print/eBook product. This includes an exhaustive explanation of the entire InfoRailMap Legend and how to navigate the many different train types etc.

Photographs that have additonal hidden infomation have a blue left hand bar ... which indicated there is a tap (mobile) and mouse hover (PC) option. Info provided will be relevant location info or the top tip about the train or location. Info Tips are currently being added to site.

... Germany: Koln train station The blue left hand box over the photograph means there is info. Tap to show. Tap away to hide.
... Koln train station This is station Brennero/Brenner which is at the border between Austria and Italy. There are many regional train which cross the boarder between Steinach am Brenner (Austria) heading towards Berano/Meran, Bolzano and Trento. Little route is well worth seeking out as one of the most scenic rich of the Alpine border crossings. Route passes through the Brenner Pass and you can view the vast car bridge which towers above the train track. Brennero is a lovely spot to alight and admire the mountains. There is a convenient supermarket just to the right of the station exit.

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