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Germany: Koln Train Station with view of Cathedral in the background.
Impressive World Heritage cathedral can be viewed from Platform 1 and is one of the best views of the enormous structure that is located just adjacent to the train station. This is also the cover image of InfoRailMap - Discover Your Europe 2020 current edition which is for sale at Amazon online bookstores.

Discover Incredible Locations with InfoRailMap

Basilica info   |  Image Info  
Italy: Venice. External view of Saint Mark's Basilica.
These beautiful statues are on the eastern side of the stunning exterior of Venice's most famous example of Italo-Byzantine architecture. Inside this amazing cathedral is even more exquisite and impressive. Tickets can be purchased seven months in advance follow the link on the image tip bar.

Brand new editions for 2020

Latest editions available to purchase from Amazon and other online book stores

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Hungary: Train engine arriving at Sopron Train Station.
Sopron is only 1.25 hrs from Wien and 2.5 hrs from Budapest and often over looked as a tourist destination. Sopron is a delightful old world town packed full of history and makes a perfect stop off for the route Wien - Sopron - Budapest or the opposite with regular connections.

InfoRailMap clearly identifies all the top tourist destinations

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Croatia: Capital city of Zagreb:
The equine statue of King Tomislav is located directly outside Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor Train Station. Tomislav was the first King of Croatia. He became Duke of Croatia in c. 910, was elevated to kingship by 925 and reigned until 928. He united Croatian Pannonia and Slavonia and is, to this day, celebrated as an important and inspiring historical figure.

InfoRailMap clearly displays the whole European Railway Network

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Italy: Brennero-Brenner Train station:
One of Europe's most impressive Alpine scenic routes is between Innsbruck (Austria) and Bolzano (Italy). The route makes its journey through the Brenner Pass and the vast concrete road bridge is clearly visible from the train windows. The border crossing on the railway route is Brennero. Many trains begin and end their journeys here but some international EC trains pass straight on through. The actual train station is a bit bland but the surrounding scenery is beautiful.

InfoRailMap has been specifically designed for planning an awesome Global (Europe wide) RailPass Interrail/Eurail adventure

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Slovenia: Beautiful scenic route between Villach (Austria) and Ljubljana (Capital of Slovenia) which passes through the town of Lesce Bled. Buses depart from here for UNESCO listed Bled Jezero which is a short bus ride from Lesce Bled bus station. The photograph is taken an open window which is a distinct feature of second class train carriages in Eastern Europe. The hills in the background are the start of the Storzic hills.

InfoRailMap.com is a journey of discovery ..

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Switzerland: Bernina Express.
Without any doubt the UNESCO Bernina Express is easily the most impressive of all the Alpine routes. The route is between St. Moritz and Tirano and passes along Piz Bernina mountains with breathtaking views that will leave the impression in your memory forever. Train carriages come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to plush big windowed with quality Restaurant facilities to second class age-battered carriages which have half length windows that open providing extra enjoyment of the astonishing views.

.. just in case you are a first time visitor and don't know much about the Interrail/Eurail product

The Interrail/Eurail RailPass is, without any exaggeration, a life changing experience! The RailPass enables single or multi country access to the entire European railway network including Turkey, UK and Lithuania as a single ticket .. for between 4 days to three months.

.. the only exception is High Speed (EUROSTAR, THALES, EuroCity etc), some (IC) trains that cross boarders and private scenic routes where an additional mandatory supplement and seat reservation is required.

Basically you have the freedom, flexibility and convenience to turn up at any station .. take any train (within the product) .. at any time you want .. without any restrictions ..

What you can expect ..

InfoRailMap clearly identifying the most impressive routes on the network

For example above is Visp Railway Station (Switzerland) and below is the view from the window of the La Crevasse mountains which are approx 3,808 meters high.

InfoRailMap 2020 editions include extra detailed pages for Switzerland, Austria, Southern Germany, Northern Italy and Southern Czechia.

Follow the link for more info

Europe is jam packed with beautiful cities, impressive architecture, beautiful old world preserved medieval towns and stunning landscapes

InfoRailMap 2020 includes related icons to clearly identify all the most impressive tourist destinations and landscapes.

Learn more about InfoRailMap icons by the following link here.

This statue is Robert the Bruce which can be found in Aberdeen (Scotland)

.. Many European cities have fascinating street installations this is Lisboa in Portugal

Learn more about InfoRailMap icons by the following link here.

The Padrão dos Descobrimentos is a huge concrete installation built in 1940 to mark 500 years since Henry the Navigator's death.

This is easily found opposite station stop Belem from Cais do Sodré station from down town Lisboa

What else can you expect?

InfoRailMap includes the whole of the whole European continent as far as the eastern border with Russia and includes Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, North Africa and Iceland.

Learn more about countries included in InfoRailMap by following the link here.

What more .. can you expect?

InfoRailMap provides everything you need to plot and plan your route in an instance!

Getting to know all the different trains is important if you want to get the most from your RailPass!

High speed Belgium THALYS and Spanish AVE trains require mandatory supplements and compulsory seat reservations

InfoRailMap clearly identifies these high speed route. Follow the link for more info.

Local RE, RB, REX, REGIO and similar trains are all included in RailPass product

So lets take a look at what you can expect inside substantially updated 2020 RailPass InfoRailMap .. from cover to cover

InfoRailMap front cover

InfoRailMap is re-published every year with updates, better topography and design

InfoRailMap - Interior page 16 and 17 spread of Northern Iberia

Capital cities and major tourist locations are easily identified. Click for more interior pages

InfoRailMap - Back cover

Back page includes easy to access country location with page numbers, icons and Bus and Railway network legend

InfoRailMap Interior Pages

Large A4 (letter) full colour quality spreads - with many page duplications in order to facilitate easy route navigation ....

Many photographs have info tips attached .. tap on the photo to reveal.

  Image Info  
InfoRailMap - Interior page 12 and 13 - Eastern Iberia and  South of France  Spreads are designed for easy navigation between countries and shared boarders
InfoRailMap - Interior page 16 and 17 spread of Northern Iberia Iberia has been split over five spreads to enable easy navigation ..
InfoRailMap - Interior page 18 and 19 spread of Southern Iberia .. including info on popular ferry routes between Spain and North Africa
InfoRailMap - Interior page - South of France in detail
!!! Warning: InfoRailMap is not to physical scale !!! As you can see to fit in the major locations in the South of France .. it is a different shape in reality .. but due to lack of space and wanting to add in the top bus connected locations the land had been reshaped!

The Icon Legend Makes InfoRailMap Completely Unique

Deciding where to travel in Europe is a really hard decision as you are completely spoilt for choice .. InfoRailMap clearly identifies where to focus your attention instantly so you know which routes to take and what locations you want to visit and explore.

InfoRailMap - Legend

Introduction to Legend - Display of Capital and Major cities

Belgium - Brussels.  Roof Top view and Cathedral in the background Brussels is the Capital City of Belgium and one of the most interesting in Europe. This view of the city is a short walk from Brussels Central station.

Germany - Koln:  View from entrance of Train Station of Cathedral in the background Koln in Germany is in the west of the country and dominated by huge cathedral which is located right next door to the main train station.

InfoRailMap clearly displays the whole Railway network

InfoRailMap network legend has been carefully designed to enable you to quickly pick out the connections which suit your plans..

InfoRailMap Railway Connection Legend and Scenic Routes

What the different lines all mean?  Clear identification of what the different connections mean

Meet the many amazing high speed trains which come in all manor of all shapes and sizes

The mainline railway as displayed by InfoRailMap is the European network .. high speed services often run on these tracks and many in France have dedicated TGV only tracks .. and therefore to aid in navigation InfoRailMap has coloured these connections in the Orange highlight and Purple highlight to make it very obvious which connections are extra cost to the RailPass purchase and which are clearly time saving high speed routes.

High speed trains completely take the hassle out of international travel eg cross boarder connections between France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and between France and Spain and between Germany and Poland especially where local trains have limited services.

InfoRailMap clearly identifies the intercity high speed routes where compulsory reservations and supplements are required with bright orange lines eg TGV, THALES and AVE.

Belgium - Brussels Midi train station with THALES train in view with related InfoRailMap page displaying capital city on the left hand side
High Speed Trains between London and Brussels are long trains and connect the UK with mainland Europe in less than two hours. RailPass holders get special price see Eurostar website or the Interrail.eu app for more info Cost of one way trip between Paris ↔ London and Brussels ↔ London is Euro 30. PRE COVID prices.
French TGV network spans the whole of France and provides a very efficient double decker high speed service with many dedicated railway tracks and brand new super modern stations. Paris to Bordeaux 2 hrs. Every hour.
Paris to Lyon 2 hrs. Every hour.
Paris to Strasbourg 3 hrs. Direct 4 daily.

Spanish AVE network spans the whole of Spain and provides an exceptional high speed service. High speed services are often the only way to travel between many cities as alternative local do not enable same day travel for example like in Germany. Services departing from major cities are subject to airline style baggage checks via screening so remember to add extra time at departure. Madrid to Barcelona 2.5 hrs. Direct At least every hour.
Madrid to Toledo .5 hrs. Direct. Every two hour.
Madrid to Seville 3 hrs. Direct. At least every hour.

German DB network is easily top of the list for RailPass awesomeness .. the entire DB network (only exception is cross boarder trains with Belgium, France, Denmark and Czech Republic) is free to travel on. DB Germany high speed trains .. the only restriction are seats that are reserved. For all ICE and IC trains YOU MUST CHECK the seat for reservations. Electronic display is located above the seat or small number of trains at the side. It is acceptable to sit in the space but if you are asked to move then you are obliged to move and find another seat .. unless obviously you have reserved that seat yourself.

Top Tip:

As awesome as the high speed services are .. many trains have purpose built tracks (mostly in Spain and France) and in order to keep up good speed need to keep to flat track, limited winding routes and purpose built screens to limit wind friction (there are many screens like this in Austria) .. thus the result can often be quite a bland scenic experience in comparison to a local train which usually winds its way around the countryside as it makes its way to the little towns etc. So if you want to experience the scenery with big windows then chose an alternative slower local train option.
High speed trains means super fast journey times .. but limited station stops
Swedish X2 high speed trains require compulsory seat reservation and connect this huge country with convenient regular connections to main cities of Malmo (for Denmark), Goteborg and northern cities of Boden and Kiruna. Night Trains are popular in Sweden and advice is to book as far in advance as practical during the peak summer months.

Eastern European IC trains (Romania, Serbia, Bosnia, Bulgaria etc) all require compulsory seat reservations and can also be easily booked at any German/Austrian train station which is really convenient. Within Eastern Europe however English is spoken but always have your Departure, Destination, train number and depart time written down and railpass to hand at time of booking. Quality of Eastern European train carriages is a step back in the past and although trains are cleaned they are old and it is instantly noticeable. However many of these carriages have windows that can be opened which is awesome! Remember to always have your passport to hand for boarder crossings as passports are always checked at all boarder crossings.

Top Tip:

Famous train ferry departs twice daily from Naples and arrives at Siracusa/Palermo 9++ hours later. NB. Always remember to book a window seat on the right hand side of the train in direction of travel for the best seaside views as it is very scenic as the train hugs the coastline. There is a night service too - book bottom bunks if you can as there are no security bars on the top and middle bunks
Many Italian IC trains require additional supplements. This train is the night train which makes the exciting crossing between Messina (Sicily) mainland Italy. Train divides itself and joins the train ferry and you get to alight and walk around and admire the ocean and coastline. The train then rejoins itself and continues its journey .. it really is exceptional and one of the highlights of the whole European tour.
Italian trains are some of the fastest and convenient in Europe. Consequently they are popular and therefore have quota system for RailPass reservations so you are advised to book as early as possible in advance for popular routes in the summer months and at peak travel times ie morning and late afternoon. Reservations are a standard price regardless of distance.

Italian High Speed trains

Italian state owned Trenitalia run the FA (Frecciarossa) red branded high speed trains and are super convenient if you do want to get about quickly for example between Milano and Roma where it is the only option.
There are other branded private trains namely Italo and Thello which are not part of the RailPass product .. you will find you way around the enormous variety of connection options just wonder around the mainline train station and you will soon see booths for alternative high speed train services.
Italo and Thello services are NOT listed on the big arrival and departure paper listings which are present at the station concourse.

Top Tip

is to always check every train before boarding in Italy .. some trains are obviously local ie between smaller cities but if looks newish and is an intercity always check before boarding. Some reservations are only 3 Euro and can connect you much faster than the local RE trains.
Italian supplements/seat res used to be available at the automatic ticket machines .. but sadly it was abused. Now you have to queue to book a seat reservations in advance .. early in the morning is the best time to avoid the big queues and there is no limit to purchase in advance. Reservations can also be booked in advance in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Also worth checking out is the Interrail App for booking in advance and e-tickets .. but sometimes it does go wrong .. and if you need to be somewhere .. then you need the physical ticket .. so see what suits your plans.

Discover the bedrock of the whole European railway network

InfoRailMap clearly identifies the mainline railway lines where there is usually no additional cost in terms of supplements and seat reservations.
The mainline railway is the European network .. high speed services often run on these tracks .. and therefore to aid in navigation InfoRailMap has coloured these connections in the Orange and Purple to make obvious which connections are extra to the RailPass purchase. This train is easily recognisable as local train .. it has large compartments and connects larger towns.

The mainline railway in Finland are included within RailPass. However night train services do require additional high cost reservations for sleeping cars, couchettes and seats that can be easily booked on-line at www.sj.se This is Joensuu with is one of the further eastward European cities you can visit without crossing the border with Russia. The journey is very scenic but best done in the late spring and summer as the tree lined landscape is fabulous. No additional supps required on the green double deckers.

Netherlands: Dutch mainline railway is one of the most efficient in Europe with the instantly recognisable blue and yellow branded carriages. Short distance local intercity and intertown trains are double deckers and offer spacious facilities but do get busy during peak commuter times. Single deck intercity trains provide good longer distance services and provide non-supplement connections to Germany and Belgium. Shuttle trains between cities like the Hague and Rotterdam are sometimes only included within city transport passes and not within the Global or Country specific railpass products. Always ask before boarding a train if it is not usual blue and yellow branding. Most Dutch stations are electronically gated. The bar code on RailPass will let you through.

Discover the local train network

InfoRailMap identifies only the most popular regional railway lines with the exception of detailed InfoRailMap covering Switzerland, Austria, Southern Germany, northern Italy and Southern Czechia and Western Hungary.

Local Regional Express Trains (RE/RB/REX/S) are the reason why a RailPass is so fantastic and super convenient. Turn up when you want. Board any train you want. Grab any seat you want (2nd class seats for 2nd class pass). Fill in your travel diary. Job done! Enjoy your adventure!

Local Regional Express (RE/RB) trains. All S-Bahn trains in Germany, Switzerland and Austria are also included within the RailPass product.

Top Tip

German Regional Day RailPass:

Germany has special regional daily railpass products which work well with a Single Country RailPass where you have limited days but want to discover a certain region for day or two, in addition to your RailPass. See Bahn.com for more info. These passes are easy to purchase on-line, from tourist offices and DB ticket offices.
German local (RE) trains provide an unrivaled services connecting local towns with a highly efficient and regular service. These trains are roomy, have clean toilet facilities and USB charge facilities. Due to the quantity of regular RE services that span the entire country there are multiple routes to get to any given destination.

German regional trains are in a class of their own .. many are multi deck trains .. this is an RB train heading to Frankfurt from Hanau.

Single deck carriages provide plenty of room and big windows to enjoy the view. Local trains sprint between the main cities in Germany a huge frequency and you never have to wait too long for another service

Discover Portugal's regional train services

Portuagal's railway service is not as well connected as many other small European countries like Holland and Switzerland .. so you do need to be mindful about what connections there are and which incur supplements and make sure you purchase in advance for popular connections between Faro and Lisboa in the peak summer season as tickets do go quickly. Local trains departing out of Lisboa are included in the railpass but always ask and check they are not part of the Local City transport network. This photograph is of local train between Sintra and Santa Cruz/Damaia. There are electronic barriers at the end of the platform at Sintra .. head for the middle of the platform for the amazing tilled station and show your pass for exit and entry.

Discover Hungary's Regional Train Services

Trains in Hungary are modern, clean and frequent especially services heading north to the historic cathedral dominated town of Estergom. NB the train station is a good 30 min fast walk to the Old Town and Cathedral .. and bus service is not that frequent .. but the walk is pleasant enough. Long distance trains, international trains and most RJ trains connecting Wien usually require additional seat reservations and can be easily booked in advance at any German or Austrian train station.

Discover the Completely Amazing Swiss local train network

InfoRailMap clearly identifies the very awesome local railway services which sprint around beautiful country side and offer very modern and comfortable trains. Many trains have on board displays so you know exactly where you are etc. So always have a good look around the train before you take your seat.
Swiss local trains are a delight to use and always spotlessly clean and off peak have plenty of room.
Zurich is the financial capital of Switzerland and has one of the biggest stations on the entire network. Make you way to any downward escalator for the VAST shopping city beneath the station concourse which exists on multi levels and provides services including showers, lockers and every shop imaginable. Also a must visit location is the Train Info office on the main concourse and clearly signposted. There is a huge amount of printed material on offer detailing everything you can experience on the transport system. The Zurich tourist office is just a few doors along.
Train Info Office at Zurich Train station .. see the bottom red fronted display at the bottom of the photo .. this is where you need to head and pick up some of the inspiring printed material.
The Swiss take their tourism offering very seriously and nearly every station on the entire network welcomes you with big information boards so you can find out more about the local area, find the bus services and make the most of where you are.

Regional Alps trains are brand new carriages and sprint along the coast line between Geneve and Martingny InfoRailMap clearly identifies the local inter-town and inter-city routes between major towns and cities eg RE/R/TER/. Although these trains are slower and stop at multiple stations stops they provide superior routes for admiring the stunning scenery especially in Switzerland.

Swiss local trains come in all shapes, sizes and quality

Some old world carriages with big windows that open completely are still present of many of the super scenic routes eg Golden Pass and Bernina Express. Always check out the whole train before selecting your seat. See further on the page for the section on InfoRailMap Detailed pages or select the menu option for Switzerland.
This is another Swiss local train (S 51) which branded with the Gruyères branding and sprints up and around the local area between Bulle and Montbovon and is super little train to admire! This little train is a bit special as it provides an impressive view of Castle Gruyères as it passes along the valley floor and is well worth taking the journey in both directions at least one so you take in all the different views of the surrounding mountains.
Switzerland is split into different cantons (regions) and trains within regions are distinctive and offer some simply beautiful scenic journeys
Interior of Gruyères Express regional train

Always easy to spot is arrivals and departure boards .. trains are listed by time and it is easy to find your next connections .. top advice always check out your next connection the moment that you arrive at a new destinations

Awesome scenic routes

InfoRailMap clearly identifies all the mainline scenic routes for the entire European Railway Network

Scenic routes are marked by green highlight. In Eastern Europe always check every train you board to make sure that a seat reservation in not required. Interrail App is generally good at detailing which trains require additional supps and seat reservations.

Europe is blessed with many different and diverse landscapes and on a bright sunny day in the spring the Austrian Tirol Mountains are simply stunning. InfoRailMap clearly identifies this wonderful scenic route .. all the best scenic routes are included to enable you to incorporate them into your plans.

InfoRailMap 2020 clearly identifies all the jaw dropping scenic routes

Robert the Bruce

Germany: Mountain Kreuzeck

View is from Garmisch Partenkirchen Train Station.
Detailed InfoRailMap Page 53.
RailPass InfoRailMap is dedicated to providing you with awesome content to accompany your printed Atlas Purchase. Technology cannot compare with the tactile usefulness of a printed quality Atlas. Mobile technology does enable you to explore on a whole new level. InfoRailMap.com is that new level.

Switzerland impressive Apline routes

Switzerland has some serious scenic routes with purpose built trains and track that are private and not included as part of the Interrail or Eurail products. They are clearly marked on InfoRailMap and unfortunately are expensive. The awesome trip to the 'Top of Europe' as a budget option can be done to Grindelwald which is half way up the mountain at a small cost with tickets purchased from Interlaken Ost. The journey then gets super expensive if you go any further up the mountain.
Consider investing in the Swiss RailPass which does include reductions for 'Top of Europe' and Glacier Express dedicated train services. Best advice is to swat up on latest prices on the www.sbb.ch website for latest offers.
Privately run scenic routes require additional tickets to Interrail and Eurail product and are indicated by Green Highlight and a Green Line .. Special purpose built scenic trains are awesome .. but expensive.

Discover Super Scenic Austria

Austria has a privately run scenic train which climbs up and down the mountain between Jenbach and Mayrhofen. Tickets can be purchased on board from the conductor or from the ticket office at Jenback. Mayrhofen leads to cable cars for Austria's highest mountain ski resorts.

Discover super scenic and historic Scotland

No matter what season or weather Scotland is one of the most diverse and scenic rich countries in Europe .. fast moving weather changes the atmosphere in minutes .. it really is phenomenal during the autumn months and well worth making a special trip just to enjoy the tree fall

Discover the very best long distance scenic routes on entire network

.. and remember if you are booking a seat reservation to make sure you ask for a window seat

Croatia unfortunately has a very spare railway network and the mainline route down to Split is one of the most sublime and interesting on the network. Seat reservations are compulsory and can be booked months in advance at any German (DB) or Austrian (OBB) train station. Always book in advance for summer months as Split is a very popular destination.
Greece: Athens to Larissa and continuing on to Thessaloniki is an awesome scenic route and does require an additional seat reservations .. so remember to request a window seat. Always book in advance for main tourist season or be happy to take an evening connection. Night services do not have sleeping car or couchette services.

RailPass InfoRailMap clearly displays the main line coastal routes - one of the most impressive is along the south of France between Nice and Genova

Discover Stunning South of England

This photograph is of the beautiful route between Roman inspired Bath Spa to the ancient and history rich town of Bradford-On-Avon. The route follows the river and a canal which makes for a very nice journey. There are lots of stops along the way where you can alight and keep walking to enjoy the country side and then rejoin the train. Bradford-on-Avon has a delightful little tourist office and lots to do in the beautiful part of England.

May to June is generally the best months to travel and perfect if you want to experience tree bloom and spring across the whole continent

Discover legendary Norway

This photograph is of one of many lakes as you pass along the fijords between Oslo and Trondheim. It is possible to do the trip there and back in one day .. just about with only a very short time in Trondheim. So best to book a night stay .. or take the night train back to Oslo. Night trains are expensive and do need to book in advance and can be done anywhere on the network ie in Germany or Austria.

InfoRailMap also includes Bus routes

Buses provide essential connection services where there are no train services. InfoRailMap includes major bus connections

Discover the bus services in Norway

Ferry services and Cruise ships

Ferry services are an important part of European culture and the most popular routes are included on InfoRailMap

Ferry services are an important part of European culture and the most popular routes are included

InfoRailMap includes the horse racing icon - always a thrilling day out no matter the weather

The Airport Icon so you know which cities have nearby (well sort of with Ryanair!) airports

InfoRailMap - ICONS - Explore the stunning scenery - the hiker Icon

Icon illustrated InfoRailMap provides instant identification of all the most impressive and historically important locations in Europe

The Legend Makes InfoRailMap Completely Unique

InfoRailMap clearly identifies all the most tourist rich, history making and absolutely jaw dropping fantastic places to visit and to spend time exploring.

UNESCO Listed sites including Roman artifacts and protected landscapes ie national parks

Europe has the largest amount of UNESCO Listed sites in the world

Castles, forts, bridges and citadels

Castles provide an awesome insight into our past and most major cities in Europe has a castle!

Religious buildings - Cathedrals, Mosques, Monasteries and Abbeys

The dominance of religion on Europe can not be underestimated. Some of our most previous and beautiful buildings were built to honour God and now many provide a home to some simply astonishing and fascinating antiquity.

Historic towns, old world buildings, museums and altstadt

Medieval buildings, preserved buildings ie fresco artwork

Europe is blessed with some fascinating medieval old world towns to admire .. from street art in the form of sculpture .. alternative wood build houses and big structures to admire.

Europe as a continent is completely surrounded by sea except on the eastern boarder... so check out the best beaches to chill out at!

RailPass InfoRailMap clearly identifies stunning beaches!

Holland has some stunning free beaches and plenty to do .. and it is possible to just walk along the beach and happen upon another town and reconnect to the train network .. ie The Hague to Zandvoort aan Zee .. just keep walking north

RailPass InfoRailMap clearly identifies stunning beaches!

InfoRailMap has a A-Z and grid reference making it super easy to find everywhere!

A-Z lists all the major country by country tourist locations to seek out and also displays colour coding for capital cities for easy reference. Also on the last page is a currency chart so you know which countries use the Euro.

A-Z grid referenced index includes all the very best tourist rich destinations to discover including colour coded capital cities and detailed InfoRailMap pages

Index is actually a really useful guide to discovering each country as only the major connected tourist rich locations are listed

The start of the Index also includes a handy info guide to how to use the grid and to locating listed locations in the index

Introduction to the spreads .. RailPass InfoRailMap has been specifically designed for Global Eurail and Interrail Rail Passes

Spreads have been designed to follow on to enable easy navigation across major central European Countries.

Easy to navigate page numbers are positioned at the corners including colour coded follow-on pages.

InfoRailMap is a graphical artifact and basic schematic representation of the European Railway network and is not to physical scale, is not always 100% accurate in terms of geographical locations due to the lack of space and does not display every station stop. Instead InfoRailMap shows all the major routes across the whole continent, the best scenic routes to focus your attention on and super clear identification of culturally significant tourist destinations, landmarks and protected landscapes.

NB. Scandinavia, the Mediterranean Sea and the Greek Peninsula has been substantially reduced in size to aid in page navigation!

Popular ferry crossings are included with railpass discounts and www.links displayed in red

Discover more about Switzerland

InfoRailMap includes super awesome extra detail including bus services and clear identification of amazing purpose built dedicated scenic routes

Be prepared to hold on to your seat ..

Switzerland presents the train traveler an unrivaled exploring experience

Although the majority of Swiss SBB Railway network trains are included within the Interrail and Eurail product .. there are many that are not and these special trains are privately run.

Goschenen Train Station and little two carriage train departing for Andermatt crosses one of the highest parts of the Swiss Mountains and provides connections between the North - South and East - West main line trains and a bit of a treat! The route is best done in the summer for super hiking opportunities or in winter for skiing. From Andermatt the trains follow the Glacier Express route all the way to Visp. For Zermatt change trains at either Brig or Visp.

RailPass InfoRailMap extra detail spreads have highlighted page numbers and easy to identify in the index and back page quick page number reference

InfoRailMap's awesome extra detailed spreads detailing mountain ranges and lakes

InfoRailMap - Switzerlands scenic routes legend info

Discover Bernina Express route.

Discover the sublime rolling hills of the Golden Pass route.

Discover the beautiful Glacier Express route between Zermatt and St. Moritz

Local trains travel majority of the route but for extra special scenic large windowed carriages and bar facilities the famous train can be easily booked in advance

InfoRailMap Detailed pages provides mountain height elevation and names .. so you can get to know the mountains as you travel by

The train passes along the ancient river bed with beautiful vistas to admire and enjoy

Discover the Gotthard - Panorama Express route.

Discover Your Super Scenic Europe

Discover more about Austria

Discover Austria in awesome extra detail including spectacular mountain range and private railways

Discover Austria's stunning scenic railway routes. Particularly wonderful is between Zell am See - Innsbruck - Feldkirch

Austrian scenic railway routes are clearly detailed

Discover Your Europe - Capital of Austria - Wien

Discover more about Northern Italy

Discover your northern Italian Alpine routes between Austria and Switzerland

Discover more about Southern Germany

Discover breathtakingly beautiful and stunning Southern Germany and beautiful Apline crossings with Austria

InfoRailMap clearly identifies all the most awesome Apline boarder routes and towns to visit

Discover more about Northern Slovenia

Discover Apline routes between Austria and Northern Slovenia

Discover more about Northern Slovenia

Discover more about Southern Czech Republic

Discover the pristine Southern Czechian medieval towns and boarder crossings with Germany, Austria and Slovakia

Discover the draw dropping medieval town of Cesky Krumlow

Easily reached by direct train from Praha

Discover Your History Rich Europe

InfoRailMap has been specifically designed to enable you to make the very most of your RailPass

Discover Your Europe

PDF's provide an easy to access mobile version of InfoRailMap in addition to the print version. However print PDF version does not include all the ferry info and InfoBox info or photo and general tips and advice.

Discover Your Europe

InfoRailMap by Country

Discover Austria - Capital city is Wien/Vienna

Discover Belgium - Capital city is Brussels

Discover Bosnia Herzegovina - Capital city is Sarajevo

Discover Bulgaria - Capital city is Sofija

Discover Croatia - Capital city is Zagreb

Discover Czechia - Capital city is Praha

Discover Denmark - Capital city is Kobenhavn

Discover England - Capital city is London

Discover Finland - Capital city is Helsinki

Discover France - Capital city is Paris

Discover Germany - Capital city is Berlin

Discover Greece - Capital city is Athens

Discover Netherlands - Capital city is Amsterdam

Discover Hungary - Capital city is Budapest

Discover Republic of Ireland - Capital city is Dublin

Discover Italy - Capital city is Roma

Discover Liechtenstein - Capital city is Liechtenstein

Discover Luxembourg - Capital city is Luxembourg

Discover Montenegro - Capital city is Podgorica

Discover Norway - Capital city is Oslo

Discover Poland - Capital city is Warsaw

Discover Portugal - Capital city is Lisboa

Discover Romania - Capital city is Bucuresti

Discover Scotland - Capital city is Edinburgh

Discover Serbia - Capital city is Beograd

Discover Slovakia - Capital city is Bratislava

Discover Slovenia - Capital city is Ljubljana

Discover Spain - Capital city is Madrid

Discover Sweden - Capital city is Stockholm

Discover Switzerland - Capital city is Bern

Discover Wales - Capital city is Cardiff

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Discover stunning Switzerland

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