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Discover your Europe

InfoRailMap Updated for 2020

Latest edition of RailPass InfoRailMap 2020 Europe

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Discover your Europe - Fall in love with the Interrail Adventure - Discover and Plan your Route in an Instant




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RailPass InfoRailMap clearly identifies the essential railway routes, awesome scenic routes and indicateĀ all major UNESCO listed sites, significant religious buildings, castles, fortifications and attractive old world Medieval towns so you know instantly where you focus your time and which routes best suit your interests. RailPass InfoRailMap Icons make locating the top destinations easy
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Impressive cities are easily located

What else can you expect?

  • Ferry Discounts for popular ferry routes - including between Greece and Italy and between Sweden and Finland.
  • Detailed legend explanation so you know where to focus your attention.
  • The essential high speed routes where compulsory reservations and supplements are required (bright orange lines) and where no additional cost is required (purple lines).
  • Main railway lines (seat reservation usually required in Eastern Europe)
  • Majority of local lines (in most cases no additional seat reservation requirement)
  • Green highlighted and easy to identify awesome scenic routes so you can plan the most interesting and attractive routes
  • Swiss scenic routes are clearly identified with special coloured highlights and legend so you know exactly how to make the very best of your time in this wonderful scenic rich country

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